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End Unser License Agreement (EULA)

The end user needs to confirm the End User License Agreement displayed below before he installs the software in the initial trial mode and before he activates or re-activates the software in any of the available program versions.
This makes sure that the end user can acknowledge the terms of the license before he purchases the software and pays for the license. The End User License Agreement is part of the following documents:

  • Technical Documentation of the Quality Ensurance Manual (in German, in-house only)
  • Server setup process
  • Software manual (in capture Characteristics)
  • Registration program OnyxRegister (on tab Step 3)
  • Invoice form (2nd page)

If German is selected for the GUI language, the German language translation of the EULA is used, for any other language setting, it is the English languale translation of the EULA.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

Licensing Details

Capture About
License Types Which license types can are available
License Content What is licensed
Network License Network License
Standalone License Standalone License
License Request / Activation How to activate a license
License Status Check Checking the current license status
License Renewal How to renew a license
Switching License Type What about switching license types
License Transfer Can a license be transfered
License Info Where to find license information
Other Licenses Additional licneseing options

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