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Client Application OnyxAdmin

The OnyxAdmin utility can be used to manage access to program-internal data and settings while working with OnyxCeph³™ through a login-dependent assignment of privileges. OnyxAdmin requires a separate, one-time paid activation.
The program starts from the program group OnyxCeph3 at the local workstation.

User interface

Assignable permissions

  • 0 Edit Master Data
  • 1 Edit Treating Doctor
  • 2 Delete Patient
  • 3 New Finding
  • 4 Edit Finding
  • 5 Delete Finding
  • 6 Clone Finding
  • 7 Print
  • 8 Exchange
  • 9 Create Reports
  • A OnyxCeph³™ Registration
  • B Edit Password
  • C Define Analyses
  • D Create Statistics
  • E OnyxCeph³™ Configuration
  • F Web Export
  • G 3D Export
  • H Findings-Transfer
  • I All Physicians
  • Assign Selected Physicians
  • Customized Permisions

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