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Program Onyx3Config can be used to query or modify the status of the database server. It is set-up with the server installation process. It can be launched from the Windows™ start button via program group Onyx3server or by the corresponding desktop icon if available.

Program user interface



The following server information is displayed:

  • License type (Trial | OSL | RL+)
  • License validity (red=invalid | green=valid)
  • Database status (red=inactive | green=active)
  • Database folder location
  • Availability of update

If appropriate, the following actions can be performed for maintenance:

  • Switching database server operation mode between service and program
  • Installation/Uninstallation of service for database server onyxDBserver.exe
  • Checking for online updates
  • Performing online updates
  • Proxy settings configuration (if used)
  • Launching QuickSupport

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