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System Options

In the modal (stay-on-top) Window System Options the user can set up, edit and modify most of the standard settings essential for the local and global application environment. Different settings are thematically pooled on separate sections which can be accessed by vertical ident keys (tabs). Settings and parameters modified by the user need to be confirmed and will be saved in the database thereby. Local settings will be saved according to the used local Windows™ login and local computer name as separate configuration (INI-Settings) in the Onyx database on the server.

The Window can be opened by

  • Left mouseclick main menu: Options|System Options
  • Right mouseclick main menu: Systemoptionen
  • Keybord Shortcut [CTRL]+O

Click on tab

Tab Patient DataTab Image typesTab SessionsTab GalleriesTab PrintoutsTab FormsTab DigitizeTab InterfacesTab Third Party ToolsTab EventTab Upload DataTab Email

[Click on tab to switch to related topic]

Tab Settings / Konfiguration …
1 Tab Patient Data Patient-Thumbnails, VDDS settings, Markers, Misc …
2 Tab Image Types 2D and 3D Image Type Settings
3 Tab Sessions 2D View Settigs 1/2/3, 3D View Settings
4 Tab Galleries Galleries, Presentationen, Sequences, Media, View Option …
5 Tab Printouts Printform Templates, Letter Heads, Printer Preconfiguration …
6 Tab Forms DHTML-Forms by Categories, Password Forms in Fullscreen Mode …
7 Tab Digitize View Otions, User Analyses, Use Drawing Templates, Customization Landmark Sequence …
8 Tab Interfaces Configuration External Image Sources, External Documents Archive …
9 Tab Third Party Tools Configuration 3rd Party Tools
10 Tab Event Event Settings definieren
11 Tab Upload Data FTP-/WEB-Server Upload Settings for Containers, Reports, Webviews
12 Tab E-Mail Email Client and Attachments konfigurieren

INI Settings

INI Settings should only be edited/modified by experienced professionals having sufficient knowledge about the anticipated result of the modification. Inappropriate changes to the INI, adding or deleting entries and/or parameters may result in malfunctioning or failure of the local clients application.

Local settings for Onyx client appliactions are saved separately for Windows™ login and computer name in a configuration record (Syntax: Login[Workstation]) in the Onyx database. With respect to former Windows™ versions such client configuration record is called "INI".
If the Onyx main context menu is opened by pressed [CTRL] button, context menu item [Configurationen] will be displayed to open the Onyx Configurationen window. All client configurations stored in the database can be displayed, edited, assigned and managed.
The used configuration can be opened and modified in an INI edit window also by button combination [SHIFT]+[CTRL] and left mouseklick on the help icon top right in the program main window.

Skin Colors

After initial installation, the program will appear with a grey standard skin color. By activation, the skin color will switch to the standard blue user interface or - in case a customized branding is assigned with the activation (e.g. for program version OnyxCeph³™ CA-Smart 3D), another skin color can appear.

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