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Module Cast Adjust

Module Cast Adjust 3D

Program version BASIC 2D PRO 3D PRO LAB OMS
Availablility included n/a included included included

n/a not included
inklusive included by default
optional optionally included

Module Cast Adjust allows to re-align the jaw relation of a scan according to different specifications and the attachment of different types of model bases (EU, US, plate, horseshoe bases) after manual definition of a trim line. The study model generated in this way must be saved as a separate finding.

First Steps

  1. Open Module with scan (open shell - two arches in occlusion)
  2. Optional: Adjust jaw relation on tab |Articulate|,|Jaw Rotation Axis| or |Align Jaw|
  3. On tab |Clip Object| by right clicks, define trim line for upper and lower jaw
  4. Clip along trim line Press
  5. On tab |Model Base| select type of base tray and merge with scan
  6. Save study model as new finding

Module user interface

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