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Module Bite Splint 3D

Module Bite splint 3D

Program version BASIC 2D PRO 3D PRO LAB OMS
Availablility n/a n/a EUR 1.200 EUR 1.200 EUR 1.200

n/a not included
inklusive included by default
optional optionally included

The module Bite Splint can be used to design one splint with the impression of the opposing jaw, two splints interacting with each other, or a combined splint for both jaws. Useful combination of tray, free-form 3D components and parts from the user-maintained 3D object library allow flexible design.
The Bite Splint module provides software tools for designing virtual splints based on image or scan data. In doing so, the user must ensure the suitability of the output data and the manipulations and calculations performed on it for the intended use in the context of the intended treatment measures. According to the intended purpose, clinical decisions cannot be motivated exclusively or even mainly on evaluation results provided by the software. The classification as a medical device cannot be transferred to treatment measures or the manufacture of orthodontic appliances, even if these take into account the calculation results of the software.

First Steps

  1. Select and add construction parts
  2. Assign properties like tray thickness or height of elements blocking the occlusion
  3. Compute splint and export for manufacturing
  4. Save as project and new finding

Module user interface

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