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Setup Concept

OnyxCeph³™ is a native Windows™ application for a local client/server network. VPN connections to the server are not supported. To set up OnyxCeph³™ correctly in a local client/server network, the following instructions for the installation process should be read carefully and followed up step by step. The software installation process comprises two main parts:

  • Installation of the Onyx database server
  • Installation of one or multiple Onyx clients in the local network of the Onyx database server

Additionally, depending on the infrastructure, several settings for using the software appropriately should be performed. For both, server and client installation, usually administrator permissions are required.

The installation process is identical for all program versions. Only the activation personalizes the license with regard to program version, license type and optional features.

Each OnyxCeph³™ license package contains a multi-user license for the network and a single-user license for a standalone computer - e.g. a notebook or a desktop PC at home. Program versions OnyxCeph³™ BASIC and PRO allow 5, program versions LAB and OMS allow 20 concurrent client accesses in the local network of the database server.

Network Concept

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Topic Content
System Requirements System requirements for server and clients
Setup Instructions Setup Instructions Server and Clients
Port sharing IP port sharing
Server Configuration Setup and management server configuration
Client Configuration Management client settings
Updates Performing subversion updates
Upgrades Performing main version upgrades
Backup Settings Recommendations for data backup process
Moving Server Moving Onyx database
Client Deinstallation Onyx client deinstallation process
Server Deinstallation Onyx database server deinstallieren
Silent Client Setup Silent Installationen
Command Line Interface Command Line Interface
Network License Network License
Standalone License Standalone License
Lizenz-Info License-Information
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