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Network License | Standalone License

Each primary license includes a network license with a pre-defined number of concurrent workstations (clients) in the local network of the database server (i.e. the computer on which the server installation was performed and on which the database server runs as a service or as a program), which varies depending on the program version. The client software can be installed on any number of workstations, limited only by the number of simultaneous accesses to the database. Additional parallel workstations can be activated for a fee.

In addition, one standalone license can be activated for each primary license at no additional cost in order to be able to use the software independently of the network server, e.g. at home or on the road.

Program version No of clients (network) No of clients (standalone)
OnyxCeph³™ BASIC 5 1
OnyxCeph³™ 2D PRO 5 1
OnyxCeph³™ 3D PRO 5 1
OnyxCeph³™LAB 20 1
OnyxCeph³™OMS 20 1

License usage

The standalone license is a separate installation of server and client on the same hardware (e.g. home computer or notebook). The prerequisite is that the same practice name is used for the activation.

There is no synchronization of the databases between the network server and the standalone server, unless this is actively initiated via the OnyxSync program (which, however, requires that OnyxSync can access both databases on the network). Typically, in practice, records are exported via Container-Exchange and read in at the standalone site.

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