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Client Configuration

Below described options to modify or adjust local INI settings by editing the configuration record directly should only be applied by experienced users or in collaboration with the software support staff. Inappropriate modifications can cause software failure or malfunction.

Local settings for Onyx client appliactions are saved separately for Windows™ login and computer name in a configuration record

 Syntax: Login[Workstation] 

in the Onyx database. With respect to former Windows™ versions such client configuration record is called "INI". If the Onyx main context menu is opened by pressed [CTRL] button, context menu item [Configurationen] will be displayed to open the Onyx Configurationen window.

All client configurations stored in the database can be displayed, edited, assigned and managed. The available configuration records can be listed separately

  • for the local client
  • for the active login
  • for the complete network
  • all templates

Configuration records can be deleted, edited, and saved as an individual template for use on another client or as a global template. If saved as a global template, it will be assigned to an new installed client.

Information about INI settings and modifications can be found on page Settings.

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