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License Content

Each active OnyxCeph³™ software license involves

  • one Network Licens (BASIC|PRO: 5/1 - LAB|OMS: 20/1)
  • one StandAlone License (1/1)

License Concept

Network License

The Network License key activates the software for all local OnyxCeph³™ network clients connected to the Onyx database server. Any number of local clients can be connected to one database but, depending on program version, only 5 resp. 20 local clients can be active at the same time. The limit for congruent clients can be extended fee-based.

StandAlone License

The Standalone License key activates the software for one local OnyxCeph³™ clients connected to a second Onyx database server. Usually, this license is used for a notebook or home computer having both (client and database) installed on the same machine.

:!: Note
If both database servers Network and StandAlone are running in the same subnet mask, when launching the client application it should be made sure that the correct database is addressed. For this purpose, the appearance of window Server Connection Dialog should be forced permanently to prompt the selection of the correct database connection
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