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System programs Description
A OnyxCeph Main application of program system OnyxCeph³™ on a network client
B OnyxAdmin Service program for the permission assignment for user löoginmd
C OnyxSync Service program to synchronize two connected databases
D OnyxStat Service program for the statistical analysis of patient and findinmgs data
E OnyxRegister Service program for the license management and activation
F OnyxClientUninstall Client uninstall program
G OnyxPatch Service program to individualize and maintain system components
H OnyxView Viewer program <to display images in a separate window
I OnyxReport Communication programm to provide Onyx internal image/findings data
J OnyxHelp Online support program (Teamviewer)
K Onyx3Config Data base configuration and online update program
L OnyxDBServer SQL data base server program

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