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Scan Import Medit

As of release OnyxCeph³™ 3.2.157 (438), direct scan data import from Medit Link Online Case Portal is supported. Here, there are 2 ways to transfer Medit scans to OnyxCeph³™:

POST Medit Link ► OnyxCeph³™
GET OnyxCeph³™ ◄ Medit Link

While any scans can be transferred to OnyxCeph³™ using the POST method, only the scan data assigned to OnyxCeph³™ can be transferred using the GET method. Prerequisite for the use of both methods is the installation of the OnyxCeph³™ Integration App in the Medit Link Online Case Portal.

Settings Medit Link

Settings OnyxCeph³™

Transfer Scan (POST)

1. Open Medit Link on local OnyxCeph³™ client computer
2. Select patient | case | scan
3. Click icon button [Export to OnyxCeph]

Patient must be created in the Medit Link patient administration with all master data! It is recommended to transfer the master data from OnyxCeph³™ or, if supported, from the PMS to ensure a unique assignment of the scans to the patient.

4. If the scan is not associated with the current login, a warning will appear:

Import Warning

5. If this warning is closed, the scan data is transferred to module Add image 3D and can be classified there, aligned to the patient and further processed according to the known workflow.

Request Scan (GET)

1. Select patient record in OnyxCeph³™
2. Open module Bild hinzufügen 3D
3. In the source panel, select tab |Medit Link|
4. Click button [Image Acquisition…] klicken

5. In Medit Link, acquire or select scan data

6. List by button [Retrieve Images…] and import, classify, align and further process the scan data according to the known workflow.

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