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Case Approval

If the case planning should be double checked / approved by externals, depending on the OnyxCeph³™ version available there, either the planning module itself or module Approval 3D can be used.

Using Planning Module

If the planning is to be approved and released using the actual planning module itself (e.g. module Aligner 3D), then the examiner needs at least program version OnyxCeph³™ 3D PRO with the relevant planning module.
In such case, the parent finding used for the planning together with its saved planning project is exchanged between the service provider and the examiner via a container exchange.
The modifications / change requests saved by the examiner as a separate project on the same finding can either be accepted directly by the laboratory or partially incorporated into the original planning.

Using Approval Module

If the planning is to be approved and released using module Approval 3D, then the examiner only needs the OnyxCeph³™ BASIC program version.
In such case, the service provider sends the child finding (the planning result situation exported from the planning module as finding) to the examiner via container exchange. The examiner opens the finding received via container in module Approval 3D, applies, if necessary, modifications and saves a new approval report with its modifications from the module. He sends this finding back to the service provider again via container exchange.
The modifications / changes saved by the examiner in the approval finding can be re-opened by the laboratory in the approval module or in full screen and completely or partially incorporated into the original planning.

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